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Why you should replace existing windows and doors

Existing windows and doors need repair
Unfortunately, many timber windows suffer from rot and need regular patching, filling and re-painting. PVC-U windows and doors are very low maintenance, needing little more than a quick wipe over.

Improve the appearance of your home

Shabby, old-fashioned windows and doors can be replaced with new styles and shapes to significantly change and improve the look of your home and give it "kerb appeal" - and the same is true for roofline products (fascia soffits and Guttering).

Improved Security
It’s sad to say, but crime is rising and doors and windows are a common entry point for burglars. All of our PVC-U window systems incorporate extra security features including special locks, to protect your home.

Better Weather Performance
Do your curtains move when the wind gusts? Do you get a chill from window draughts? Does rain leak in around your windows? Now's the time to seek the excellent weather performance of modern PVC-U windows tested to withstand gale force conditions.

Reduced Noise
Do you live on a busy street or road? Does passing noise irritate you? The latest double glazed PVC-U windows can significantly decrease the amount of noise 'transmitted' through your windows for a quieter, peaceful home.

Energy Efficiency
The latest double glazed windows offer much better insulation than conventional single glazed windows. New windows help to keep the heat in, so the heating thermostat should click off sooner and therefore save on fuel bills and keep you in perfect comfort.