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 Top tips for your home improvements

As builders who have been in the trade for over 25 years, specialising in conservatories, kitchens, and extensions, we have the experience to advise you on how to get the most out of your home improvements.

When choosing a builder to carry out your required work, following these four vital points could prevent you from making the wrong decision..

  • Get estimates - Ask two or three builders for written estimates and find out if there is any planning permission or building regulation requirement
  • Get references - Ask each builder for two or three references. Contact the referees and, if possible, go and view some of the work.
  • Agree the work - make an agreement or contract in writing including the expected date of completion, hours of working and so on.
  • Insurance - Ask to see the builder’s Public Liability Insurance certificate.


Approximately 60% of conservatories built will require planning permission. Whether you require planning permission or not depends upon the size of the conservatory in relation to the size of your property and how far it will protrude into your garden. If in doubt, always ask your local Planning Officer.

Making the most out of your bathroom

 We use a range of suppliers in an effort to create the perfect bathroom at a competitive price. It is important to be creative in your design process in order to make the most of the space you have.

  • Lighter coloured walls are ideal for reflecting light and maximising space.
  • Smaller bathrooms will benefit from using large wall or floor tiles because they stretch space.
  • Dark floors need not be ruled out, they can make a compact room look less cramped as well as providing a focal point for the room.

Why replace windows and doors?

Old-fashioned windows and doors can be replaced with new styles in order to improve the look of your house. Wooden doors have a tendency to rot and require regular patching, while PVC-U windows and doors are very low maintenance. It’s sad to say, but crime is rising and all our PVC-U window systems incorporate extra security features. Our modern PVC-U windows are tested to withstand gale force conditions, which eliminates drafts and leaks. The latest double glazed PVC-U windows can significantly decrease the amount of noise transmitted through your windows for a quieter peaceful home. They also provide better insulation, helping to keep the heat in.

Checking Tiled and Slate Roofs
Different roof coverings have varying life spans depending on the materials used, the quality of the workmanship and exposure to the elements.

Checking the condition of your roof is essential, as ineffective covering can lead to expensive work to the underlying timbers............. says AC Building and Carpentry Founder Andrew Chance.

  • If the inside of the roof is unlined, check for cracks showing daylight.
  • Shine a torch on the timbers and check for water staining, if stains are found, try and source the stain.
  • From outside, check the whole roof by inspecting at ground level, it is easy to spot a slipped slate.
  • Look for a powdery or flaky surface, known as delaminating, which shows a deteriorating slate.

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