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A good builder will
  • Probably belong to a trade body - this means the builder will conform to a code of conduct and will face the possibility of disciplinary action if that code is breached.
  • Have current public liability insurance - this means that if an accident happens to a member of the public as a result of building work on your property, the resultant costs will be covered.
  • Be happy to give you an estimate in writing - this means you will be able to compare estimates at your leisure and not have to rely on memory as to what is included in each price.
  • Be happy to have the work agreed in writing - after all, this is as much to protect the builder as it is to protect you. Producing a building contract is not complicated.
  • Not ask for unusual payment timetables - there should be no payment required until the commencement of work unless you request specific materials.
  • Whichever builder you select to quote for your project you should ask a number of questions to satisfy yourself that the builder is competent and is likely to carry out the work to a high standard. One of the best ways is to ask the builder to provide you with two or three references for work that he has carried out recently. You should then contact each reference that he has provided and perhaps go and see the work that he carried out. This of course is not a guarantee, but it does show that he is capable of completing building work to a satisfactory standard.
  • Use premium quality materials, windows and doors etc. Quality does vary a lot and this is reflected in the quotes you receive.
  • Use quality tradesmen with at least 20yrs experience. Building is not DIY and must be carried out by competent professionals.